Trooper Clerks Merchandise

Trooper Clerks:  2007 Calendar


Trooper Clerks 2013 Calendar. $20 plus s/h
- 12 month color calendar starting on January 2013 and going through December 2013. The calendar includes 12 Trooper Clerks art pieces drawn by the world famous Todd Coss. Click here to buy your calendar.
Trooper Clerks:  The Comicbook


FREE Trooper Clerks postcard. We had some postcards printed for the 2005 Celebration 3 Convention and we would love to share it with the fans online . Just Email us your mailing address and we'll send a free postcard to you through the old-skool Postal System. Your personal info will not be used for anything but mailing of the postcard, we are too slack to do anything else. :)

Trooper Clerks:  The Comicbook

Trooper Clerks Comicbook!

Now on sale OUT OF STOCK is the Trooper Clerks Comicbook. $2.50 brings you full color goodness of hijinks and hilarity from your favorite characters, Troopers Dante and Randal, Darth Jay and Darth Bob. Email Us for payment information via Money orders and checks are not accepted for this online offer.



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